Monday, March 27, 2006

Good Night Sweet Knikki

One of the very first people to help our rescue in a significant way was a special woman named Jocelyn. She contacted us many years ago as part of her search for a Springer to adopt. We were able to connect her with a beautiful little liver/white female came to be part of Jocelyn's home and heart via the animal shelter in Modesto, Ca. She came to be known as Knikki. Knikki just passed away suddenly this past November. She had reached a comfortable old age in her "forever" home Jocelyn provided. Jocelyn wrote:

"The Springer in the animation* (above) is Knikki, the beautiful pup you helped me find at the Modesto shelter back in 1994. I'm sorry to say that Knikki passed away unexpectedly last November. I took her to the vet for her annual checkup, she passed with flying colors, while at the same time my other Springer, Boots, was diagnosed with a spleen tumour. The following week, my husband and I went away on a long-planned trip to France, leaving my mother in law to care for the two dogs and our six-year old son. We almost cancelled the trip because we were worried about Boots, but the vet convinced me that Boots could wait a week for his spleen surgery. So we went, and while we were away, Knikki got sick suddenly and died the day before we got home. Thank you again for helping to bring Knikki into our lives, I miss her everyday and I wouldn't have been without her for those eleven years for anything."

When Jocelyn adopted Knikki, we were not on the internet. Jocelyn was the one who suggested we have a website for our rescue work. She further offered to host and manage the website for us, which she did for several years I believe, until I finally stumbled on a website company which had drop-and-drag webpage editing and I took over. What we are so grateful to Jocelyn for is helping us in that big first step onto the WWW. And all this thanks to little Knikki.

Sleep well, dear girl: You were loved, and will be missed.

*If this cool animation doesn't display on this blog, see it on


Blogger diane said...

As of this post, I have enabled comments for anyone so interested.

Also, I still am computer-illiterate as the "Knikki" animation didn't work out. Please see the real animation on It's worth a trip.

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