Sunday, July 23, 2006

About to Make Me Leave Home

Temperature here in Oakland is 82 degrees at 11 p.m. I just want to know what about global warming do some conservatives not understand? I have all the windows open, and the attic fan is getting worn out going for 24 hours a day.

Bonnie Raitt & John Prine going full blast (Sure my neighbors don't appreciate this......hahaha). The dogs and me got a break today swimming in my parents' pool. Jackie, my current foster, didn't need too much encouragement to jump in after the tennis ball. Spent some time teaching her how to get out of the pool safely. She picked it up pretty quickly. Her swimming style is a bit awkward still but with practice she'll learn to relax and do the dog-paddle.

Jackie came from her owner, who is moving. They love her but just don't have enough time to spend with her. She is sweet and smart but has a busy style, many times puttering around, chasing squirrels in the yard. Her most adorable trait is she goes NUTS when water coming out of a hose: Tries biting it furiously. She ends up getting drenched and I laughed until I couldn't breathe.

Tomorrow thankfully I have the day off work as I desperately needed to do a transport for a young Springer from the Los Banos shelter. Laurel notified me that this poor Springer boy needed rescue. Sara Ann is meeting another person at the dog park near the Shoreline Ampitheater, and she can bring the Springer with her. Thank god for all these shelter volunteers, mostly women (men are too busy earning the big $$ and acting like big-shots). The Los Banos shelter is apparently run mostly on volunteer steam, having no fixed public hours*, no dedicated/full-time paid employees on staff. It's hard to believe that the city couldn't afford to properly staff. I guess it's cheaper to kill all the unwanted animals rather than help them find new homes. Something's rotten in Los Banos.

* Check out the city's website if you don't believe me:

City population is 34,223. Perhaps they are too busy trying to pay their "Planning Manager" $50,000 to $99,000 /yr to fund something as mundane and unimportant as an animal shelter.

Sadly because of the rotten situation at their shelter and because he was a return from the previously adopting family, this dog would have certainly met death. I wonder if life only gave us one chance to live, if we would feel this were fair? I don't know if this dog made a mistake, or if the family made the mistake when they adopted him. But I do know that 99% of all shelters aren't able to do basic adoption screening and, as a result, many animals get returned. The advantage of the rescue work we do is that we have the luxury of time to screen homes and wait for that perfect, or nearly perfect match. In the 18 years I've rescued Springers, I have met few I considered unadoptable. Some are more difficult placements than others certainly but so many dogs are simply acting out or not understood. Dogs are dogs, not people. Learn about a dog before sharing a home with one.


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