Monday, August 07, 2006

Update on Rosie in Fremont

From the post "Things Heating Up," the last dog on that post was the bald Springer, Rosie. I just snapped an "after" adoption picture 2 months since Cheryl decided to adopt Rosie. The vet put Rosie on thyroid replacement, Cheryl is feeding her nutritious food and of course the secret ingredient is love, and our bald girl is growing her coat slowly back but surely.


Anonymous dennis kinyon said...

way to go with rosie, it just takes one to make the difference to help the dogs and just fall in love with them, you make my house feel good, thank you, by the way Diana you are still at the rescue, this is dennis kinyon, sure miss u'all from you letters calif is getting down on the dog owners, I will keep reading your comments, great luck and blessing in all you do. dennis

2:39 PM  

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