Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Voices Are Filtering Thru Against AB 1634

Monday, July 9 is the date this misguided and unfunded mandate is scheduled to be heard in the California Senate's committee for Business, Professions & Economic Development. Tell the senators not to support this wrong-headed and punitive approach by first contacting the Democrat committee majority: Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas of LA, Senator Ron Calderon of southeast LA, Senator Ellen Corbett of San Leandro, Senator Dean Florez of Fresno/Bakersfield, Senator Joe Simitian of Palo Alto/Santa Cruz, and Senator Leland Yee of SF/San Mateo. The Republicans hopefully will vote no: Senator Samuel Aanestad of northern California/Sacramento Valley, Senator Jeff Denham of Merced, and Senator Tom Harman of Costa Mesa. If you call the senators' offices, ask if each senator has taken a position; they will tell if if s/he has.

If passed from BP&EF committee, it will be heard in the Local Government senate committee. Then, I am told it will move to the 17-member Appropriations senate committee, which shares 6 members in common with the BP&EF committee (1 Republican, 5 Democrats).

The Dog Community Contributes to Our Economy
The city of Long Beach continues to be at the epicenter of this contentious debate as much for the fact that the bill's sponsor, "lightbulb" Lloyd Levine, strong-armed two Long Beach assemblymembers from changing from abstaining to "yes" during a very unusual set-aside/on-call vote until obtaining just enough votes to pass the assembly: Pet Neutering--World War III. And for the 2nd yr in a row, Long Beach is host city for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championshiop scheduled for Dec 1-2, 2007. This event makes a significant contribution to the local economy of Long Beach:
AKC's letter to Senator Mark Leno:
The 2006 AKC/Eukanuba Championship drew approximately 28,000 visitors to California from all fifty states as well as several foreign countries. The Long Beach Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau estimates the event’s economic impact at approximately 21.7 million dollars. In fact, the bed tax alone generated $90,200 to the City of Long Beach.

AKC is considering Long Beach as the permanent home for this event, but any decision is in abeyance until this legislative issue is resolved.

AKC's Letter continues:
Should AB 1634 be adopted, California would be sending a clear message that AKC events are not welcome within the state and clubs would naturally be allowed to move these events to the friendly neighboring states of Oregon, Arizona and Nevada.

All City City San Diego from 4/6/07:
A dog show with about 1,000 entries brings about $750,000 daily to the community in which it is held. Some dog shows have about 5,000 entries, which may bring in close to $4 million a day....The economy of dog shows goes quite far. A retired veterinarian from University of Michigan researching economic value of Michigan dog shows concluded they bring $4 Billion to Michigan. (California has TRIPLE the population of Michigan....$4 billion x 3 = $12 BILLION! The figure might even be conservative considering the traveling distances are longer in California--GGSR)

Other Considerations
Next time you think you want a puppy or kitten, consider this: Look to see what are the differences between a "responsible" breeder and a "backyard" or "family" breeder (courtesy of Boxer rescue). It's okay if you just want to save $$ but realize what you are trading off by saving those few dollars. If this is made law, you will be driving away only the responsible breeders and we will be left with breeders who don't make sure pets are spay/neutered or rescued if need be.

===========to be continued=============

To sent feedback to Calif. Democratic Party:

s of reducing shelter intake and euthanasia rates.

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